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Our History

A brief history of the organization

What is now the Institute for Child and Family Health was started in 1945 as a small clinic located at, and working out of, Jackson Hospital.  By the mid 1960's, it had become “The Child Guidance Clinic of Miami”.  In 1972, the name was changed to The Children’s Psychiatric Center, Inc. (CPC) and just recently as of February 23, 2007 we changed our name again to Institute for Child and Family Health (ICFH). The change represents a logical step in our progress as a dynamic healthcare provider.  It also helps clarify our market position and reduces confusion about the services we offer.  With the progress we have made over the last 60 years, the timing was right to move forward with this change.

Throughout the years we have consistently provided quality service to children in the Miami-Dade community.  We have grown from just a few staff members serving a handful of children back in 1945 to about 400 employees serving over 40,000 children annually.  The psychosocial climate of Miami-Dade has improved because of our growth which enabled it to increase behavioral health treatment programs to the community’s diverse population of children, adolescents, and their families.

Institute for Child & Family Health's mission statement extends beyond the direct provision of services. It includes an advocacy role for children, adolescents, and their families through community education activities, interfacing with other advocates and funders of children's programs, and linking resources with other organizations. It further includes participation in community forums, planning councils, and other initiatives for the purpose of improving the psychological climate of the community.