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ALL-ABOARD Parents as Teachers Program

This program offers a comprehensive family literacy curriculum to families with children ages 0 – 7 residing in the Riverside Elementary School boundaries. The program focuses on improving the children's school readiness and success, while simultaneously supporting the language/literacy development of the parents. This program is unique private-public collaboration between Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Catholic Charities, Miami Community College, the Cuban American National Council and ICFH. The five program components are; (1) Adult Education - parents attend daily Adult ESOL classes; (2) Parenting Skills Classes – a weekly parenting training that helps them become teachers of their children and full partners in the educational systems; (3) Parent and Child Time (PACT) Activities – parent and child participate in weekly activities that enhance the interaction of the family around language and literacy; (3) Early Childhood Education - School age children are enrolled at Riverside Elementary. The children ages 0 – 4 receive early child care with qualified staff on-site at the center and (5) Home Visits – each family participates in one monthly visit that focuses on creating a learning home environment.

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