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Ways to Give

Gifts of Cash
Gifts of cash are tax deductible in the year received and include cash, check, and money orders.  Your gift may also be charged to your Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  You will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of the gift.

Pledges offer the donor an opportunity to make a commitment to the Institute for Child and Family Health over a period of time based on an agreed upon payment schedule.  Pledges allow donors to increase their support of the Institute for Child and Family Health and take advantage of tax benefits over several years.  Payments can be made in monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual installments.

Stocks and Securities
Publicly listed securities donated directly to the Institute are popular gifts because of increased tax benefits.  If your investments in the financial markets have been successful, you may considerably reduce the amount of tax by donating your appreciated stock directly to the Institute for Child and Family Health. Consult your accountant for the tax benefits available to you.

Corporate Matching Gifts
Your gift can be increased significantly if your employer matches charitable donations.  Please contact your Human Resources department to find out whether your company participates in a matching gift program.

Planned Giving
The Gift Planning program encourages friends to remember the Institute for Child and Family Health in their wills.  The Institute also encourages Charitable Gift Annuities, life insurance, and charitable remainder trusts.

Gifts Made in Memory or in Honor
Gifts may be made in memory or in honor of a friend or relative, or in recognition of a special occasion or achievement.  A special acknowledgement card will be sent notifying the family or individual of the gift.  With a gift of $10,000 or more, you can create a new named award.   They also provide an opportunity to honor an individual or group by naming the award in recognition of that person or organization.  You may choose to endow your gift to provide funding in perpetuity or you may choose to have the gift held in trust to fund the award for a shorter period of time.

Gifts In-Kind
Gifts of real-estate, equipment, books, and artwork are welcomed by the Institute.  You will receive a tax receipt for the fair value of the gift.  Such gifts must be appraised by an outside expert.

Gifts of Time
Gifts of time, talent, and expertise are always welcome.  Please consider serving as an Institute for Child and Family Health volunteer.

The Simplest Way to Give
If you have already made a decision to donate to the Institute for Child and Family Health, the simplest way to give is by way of a donation in cash, check, or credit card.

Checks are made payable to the Institute for Child and Family Health, Inc. and mailed to:

Development Office
Institute for Child and Family Health
15490 NW 7th Street
Miami, Fl 33169