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The CSAT Discretionary Grantee News

April 2013 – The CSAT Discretionary Grantee News features an interview with the Functional Family Therapy Youth Reentry Program in Miami, Florida. The issue reviews a guide to help youth after disasters, the SAMHSA treatment program directory, a guide to help youth negatively affected by caregivers, and Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment. It includes tips from the Training and Help Desk teams and research about synthetic cannabinoids and emergency visits, past year arrest and behavioral health problems, veterans and alcohol treatment admissions, and energy drinks and emergency department visits. This issue includes information about CSAT-SAIS website enhancements, SAMHSA PowerPoint presentations, electronic grant submissions, CSAT-GPRA trainings, CSAT-GPRA technical assistance, the CSAT-GPRA Help Desk, and upcoming conferences relevant to CSAT Grantees.

The current CSAT Discretionary Grantee News and past issues can be found by logging into SAIS and clicking on the “General Information/Grantee News Archive” tab in the left column of the CSAT-GPRA website

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